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Diagnosis and Elimination of Common Troubles in Rotary Tiller

Sep. 14, 2017

1. the rotary tiller in the course of the operation, the tractor has black smoke and accompanied by slipping and so on. This is due to the heavy load of the rotary tiller, mainly due to the depth of rotation is too large, soil sticky or too strong, it should be appropriate to reduce the tillage, or the stalls down, reduce the forward speed.

2. it has beating, jitter during the operation of the rotary tiller, this is because the blade is not installed in accordance with the instructions, should be shut down to check the installation of the blade.

3. rotary tiller operating time off throwing large clods. Intermittent throwing is due to the rotation of the rotary tiller blade, lost or serious wear and tear, should be based on specific circumstances to welding or replacement.

4. rotary tiller knife shaft suddenly appear to turn the phenomenon. It is likely to be due to damage to the gear box. Should carefully check the various parts, and according to the actual situation, troubleshooting. Such as correcting, repairing or replacing serious deformations, damaging parts, removing entrapped mud.

5. gear box leak oil, this is due to oil seal, paper pad damage or cracks caused by the box. The method is to replace damaged or aged oil seals, repair or replacement boxes.

6. rotary tiller gearbox has noise. The reason is falling foreign matter during the installation, or the bearing, the gear teeth are damaged. Should try to remove foreign matter or replace the bearing or gear.


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