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The Power Transmission of The Lawn Mower

Sep. 14, 2017

The lawn mower is a mechanical tool used to trim lawns, vegetation, etc. It consists of engine, walking wheel, walking mechanism, blade, handrail, and control part.

In the power output wheel is equipped with two power transmission belt, forward a belt to the power transmission to the cutting system, known as the cutting power belt, the other is walking power belt. 

Cutting power belt is connected to the cutting system through this rotating wheel. When the pull cable switch loose, it cut off the power forward transmission. The side of the walking power belt is also equipped with a pressure roller, pressure roller is connected with a cable switch, when the pressure roller in this position, the belt stay in a relaxed state, the engine power can not be passed back, connected to this wheel is the gearbox. The lawn mower gearbox is a combination of several sets of gears, through the different combinations of gears to complete the engine speed and rotation direction of the adjustment. For the gearbox, this rotating wheel is its input power, gearbox internal gear combination is completed by the shift lever operation, this is the power output shaft of the gearbox, the power output to the walking system, thus completing the operation of the lawn mower.

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