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Maintenance of Agricultural Gearbox

Sep. 14, 2017

With the popularity of China's agricultural mechanization, agricultural gearbox products has been developed by leaps and bounds. Farmers getting higher and higher frequency to use agricultural machinery, the demand for this gearbox will naturally increase. In the use of the process, we need to do a good maintenance work of agricultural machinery gearbox, to ensure the normal operation of agricultural machinery.

1.First of all to carefully check the gearbox tightening situation, if found the loose situation, you must immediately adjust the tightening, to avoid oil leakage or oil spills.

2.for the use of agricultural machinery oil, if it is old oil, must be regularly replaced. In the exchange of new oil, it is best to hot oil will be released, and then diesel cleaning, the replaced oil must meet the requirements of the standard, and pay attention to the amount of new oil, not too much or too little.

3.in the shift operation process to pay special attention to the best clutch completely separated, and then lightly manipulated shift lever, at the same time, the force can not be too violent in the process of shifting.

4.In the operation, under normal circumstances, do not change the operation in the parking, for example, in the field operations, must be strictly for the parking shift operation, while the clutch can not be too fast, if occur the impact of transmission parts, it will lead to agricultural transmission gear damage, affecting the use of agricultural equipment performance.

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