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How to Install And Maintain Mechanical Chain Gear?

Sep. 14, 2017

The mechanical chain gear is a kind of wheel-shaped mechanical part which is engaged with the chain, its effective engagement with the chain can get a good transmission effect. With the continuous progress of China's industry, the application of chain gearbox is more and more widely. Mechanical chain gears are widely used in agriculture, chemical, food processing, instrumentation, textile machinery and oil and other industries. 

For the installation of the mechanical chain gear, use a disassembling tool to remove the fixed sprocket hook wedge, or to loosen the top wire to fix the sprocket, and then use the drawer to remove the sprocket. During installation, it is necessary to install chain gearbox of the same transmission circuit in the same plane, the maximum allowable deviation of the center plane shall not exceed 2 mm, when the sprocket is installed on the shaft and needs to be fixed. If there are abnormal phenomena, the need for timely repair and replacement, the mechanical sprocket wear is mainly tooth wear, wear makes the tooth thickness thinner, there is a phenomenon of poor appearance. 

In the actual operation, we must strictly in accordance with the requirements to install, ensure good application performance.


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