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How to Use Agricultural Gearbox Scientifically?

Sep. 14, 2017

What methods need to know when we use agricultural gearbox?

1.ensure the quality of assembly: We should avoid hammering with hammers when installing or removing parts of the gearbox. In the replacement gearbox, should try to choose the original parts of the corresponding. In addition, the use of anti-sticking agent on the hollow shaft to protect against friction and rust.

2.select the installation location:Whee we install the gearbox, do not use vertical installation, if you choose to install the vertical, it is necessary to add enough oil, it is likely to cause the gearbox heat and oil spill problems.

3.Choose lubricants and additives: Under normal conditions, we can use the lubricant additive, so that the gearbox in the stop running, gear oil can still be attached to the gear surface, form a layer of solid protective film to prevent direct contact when low speed, heavy load, high torque situation.


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