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GTM Agricultural rotary mower gearbox.

Apr. 18, 2022

Our gearboxes are used on many business sector and for various applications.


Whether youre running your rotary cutter for the first time, or for the hundred-and-first time, you need to check to make sure the grease zerks have enough grease. The grease zerks feed lubricating grease to the joints, turnbuckles, swivels, and tailwheel hubs of your rotary cutter to keep them from generating too much friction during usewhich can harm the equipment.

The tailwheel hub and the tailwheel pivot tube on wheel arm should be greased with every use.

We recommend using SAE multipurpose high-temperature grease with extreme pressure (EP) performance. If your grease is low, of course, youll need to add grease to the zerks. You can find the location of all the grease zerks on your rotary cutter by reading out the Greasing section of your product manual.

When you grease the zerks:

Always use a handheld grease gun for all greasing.

Wipe grease zerks with a clean cloth before greasing to avoid injecting dirt and grit.

Apply grease until new grease can be seen coming out of the joints.

Dont let excess grease collect on or around the parts, particularly when operating in sandy areas. Replace broken grease zerks immediately.

If any zerk will not take grease, remove and clean it thoroughly. Also clean the lubricant passageway. Dont forget to check for signs of leakage. You can order a replacement zerk through your dealer if you need to.

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