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Four key elements on Straw mushroom cultivation in high-temperature environment

Mar. 09, 2019

Straw mushroom is also known as Volvaria volvacea, suitable fruiting temperature is at a range of 28-32 degrees Celsius, when temperature stays at 35 degrees Celsius for a long time, it easily results in the death of Straw mushroom, and hence it is of crucial importance to master its management technology:

1. Shade the greenhouse: In high-temperature environment or weather, growers could thickly cover the straw curtain on top of plastic-firm greenhouse so as to lower the temperature of greenhouse.

2. Lower the temperature: Hang up straw curtain on the door and windows of greenhouse, at noon, growers could spray well water on straw curtain or on the ground.

3. Ventilation: Growers could spray well water on straw curtain or on the ground. Besides, be sure to combine the ventilation with moisture-retaining. However, when mushroom buds just appear, a sudden change on micro-climatic environment results in soft, withered and dead buds. And in the case of closed environment, mushrooms are small, thin, yellow and poor-quality.

4. Increase the humidity: During the fruiting phase, the key work is to lift relative air humidity to 90% or so. And, frequently spray water on the ground, when the majority of mushroom buds evolve into the size of peanut kernels and in black color, growers could carry out seed-bed water spraying.


Mixing Line


Product introduction
Mixing Line is used for breaking the bale, and mixing straw, chicken manure, water, gypsum and soy bean by specific ratio, with function of straw untying and breaking  and chicken manure crushing. It can work continuously with high efficiency and finish all necessary process before raw material filled into Bunker.


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