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The Reason of Lawn Mower Has A Poor Effect

Sep. 14, 2017

The lawn mower is mainly used for lawn mowing, clearing and renovation of rough land. In general industry standard lawn mower has excellent performance, but in practice, it is found that the phenomenon of poor gathering results in the application, what is the cause of it?

It is found that the main reasons for the failure of the herming-gathering effect are: 1. The long-term use of collecting straw bags has not been cleaned, which causes the uncleanness of the grass. 2. Long and uncleaned row of grass, causing the weeds to be unsmooth. 3. The blade is wearing too much and the blade can't get the effect of grass. 4. The engine wears out, the power loss is too large, the blade rotation speed is low, and the result is not good.

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