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Gearbox Assembly Details

Sep. 14, 2017

The gearbox assembly work is vital, assembly will directly affect the performance of the gearbox and service life. In the assembly process to go through the assembly, adjustment, testing and others. In all aspects, we need to do the details in order to ensure a reliable mechanical properties and service life. 

In the process of assembly gearbox, it is divided into component assembly, parts assembly and the total assembly, need to follow a certain order. In the component assembly, it is necessary to combine two or more parts into a component, in the part assembly stage, it is the combination of components and parts to form a separate component mechanism. In the total assembly, connect assembled parts, components and related parts, combined into the whole mechanical process. 

Before the formal assembly, requiring the operator to carefully study the product drawings, and familiar to understand the structure of the product, and study the principle and role of the various parts, and to guide the connection among them, master enough technology, successfully complete the assembly.

The gearbox can be used for agriculture, we can produce specialized agricultural gearboxes, including rotary mower gearbox, rice harvester gearbox and others.


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