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Safety Precautions For Use Of Rotary Tiller

Sep. 14, 2017

Rotary tiller is one of the commonly used agricultural equipment, the machine presents the convenience of agricultural operations, how much do you know about the safe operation of the rotary tiller? 

Safety precautions for use of rotary tiller gearbox:

1.before the rotary tiller work, it is strictly prohibited into the soil.

2.the working period forbidden a emergency turn, the first rotary tiller slowly rise in the ground, in the land movements need to slow down the speed, prohibited to improve too high, the direction of transmission is not to exceed 30 °.

3.in order to make the machine work sensitive, must be removed scissors, debris on the rotary tiller, in the replacement of plow knife, you should first intercept the rotary tiller power, waiting for the engine to turn off.

4.field handling or ridge to be blocked the power, the rotary tiller improve to the highest position. When the tractor traverses the ridge, the driver is prohibited from sitting in the seat to avoid an accident.

5.rotary tiller gearbox is the important part of the quality of rotary tiller, choose rotary tiller must take into account the use of gearbox, the late use must also pay attention to gearbox maintenance.


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