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Zhejiang Hongye Group

Sep. 11, 2017

Zhejiang Hongye Group is a comprehensive enterprise specializing high-end equipment manufacturing, including agricultural gearbox, full set of planting equipment for edible mushroom (Agaricus bisporus), mechanical and electrical equipment, engineering environmental protection system. Under the group, there are several wholly-owned subsidiary companies and holding subsidiary companies. The wholly-owned subsidiaries include Zhejiang Hongye Agricultural Equipment Science and Technology Co., Ltd. (The stock code 833200), ZheJiang hongye equipment technology company ltd., Shuyang Hongye Casting Co., Ltd. The holding subsidiaries include Taizhou Mushroom Agricultural Equipment Co., Ltd., Taizhou Yihong Food Science and Technology Co., Ltd., Taizhou Haitisi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., Taizhou Hongye Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., Taizhou Hong's Import and Export Co., Ltd. And many other joint-stock subsidiaries such as Herui agricultural facilities Engineering Co., Ltd., Shandong Linyi Hongrui Ze Co., Ltd. The headquartered located in Zhejiang Province, Taizhou City, Wenling City.

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