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Innovative ozone treatment for mushroom cultivation

Jan. 23, 2019

The Italian MET (Medical Equipment Technologies) recently developed a brand new ozone technology for mushroom cultivation. The essence of the new procedure is that a small ozone generator device develops ozone, which is mixed with irrigation water, so that the mushroom culture is watered with ozonized water.

In experiments in 2017, 3.8 ppm ozonized water was used on the mushroom beds. As a control, they used prochloraz. Experience has shown that on the ozone-treated shelves the first flush started half a day earlier (because it was not treated with prochloraz) and reached higher yield.

In further experiments, the irrigation line was mounted on the head filler, so 4.2 ppm of ozonized water was added directly to the casing soil and compost at filling. No measurable amount of infection occurred during the 6 months of the experiment without the use of any chemicals. The leader of GBC Funghi, who participated in the experiment, said that ozonized water can not only be used on mushroom beds, but can also be used to clean rooms, walls, selves and equipments.

According to the Medical Equipment Technologies (MET), who developed this method, the perfectly residue-free process they use, is an excellent option for change the chemical protection habits. If the method is widespread, it significantly reduces the plant protection costs of mushroom growers.

MET’s new technology will be presented at the 2018 Fruit Logistica exhibition in February.

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