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Different planting methods

Jan. 15, 2019

Bag cultivation

Bag cultivation is a relatively closed and safe system. Compost and spawn are placed directly into the bags, sealed and laid together, the chance of fungal infection will reduce. Even if one bag of compost is infected, the infection is limited in that bag.Bag cultivation is a labor intensive mode meanwhile it is difficult to increase planting uniformity and capacity.


Package block cultivation

Compared with bag cultivation, Package block cultivation will be more advanced, the level of automatic system also be higher. Compost is crushed into blocks with the size of 60cm x 40cm , height 17-20cm, weight 17-22kg, package block is a rectangle in order to transport conveniently, even phase 3 compost can be packaged into a block for cold storage and export.


Tray cultivation

Tray cultivation is a mode compost directly filled into a tray and transported to a cultivation room. Traditional tray cultivation system use the phase 2 compost,but in the new system, the tray contains phase 3 compost, which can be placed in a large cultivation room and stacked to a height of 8-10 layers, until 1-2 days before harvest, move these trays (four times fermentation)  into a special harvesting room for picking mushrooms. Mushrooms are highly sensitive to this climate change caused by transportation (relative humidity will drop sharply).

Shelving cultivation

Shelving cultivation use automatic machine to complete the filling and emptying work. This mode is the best way for mushroom growth uniformity and labor saving.


Block Press

Block Press is used for pressing the compost to tight block with fixed size and be packaged with PE film.


Standardized Shelving

In process of champignon mushroom factory growing, only standardized shelving can combine perfectly with other factory equipment. We can produce aluminum and hot galvanizing shelving. mushroom factory equipments have requirement for width, thickness and load capacity of shelving, so that only standardized shelving can totally combined with equipments.


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