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Jan. 07, 2019
Produce compost The mushroom is a fast growth crop,in the short 52days(seven and a half weeks),you can harvest two batches of mushrooms from the fermented horse manure or stable grass. But this is a special case. It’s difficult to give a regular time frame for the mushroom growth cycle. Different companies use different production processes meanwhile use different production cycles to produce different phase I compost. It all depends on the raw materials, air system and production method. The length of time for phase I fermentation process is varies widely. The shortest time can be 3days,all the preprocessing horse manure is the raw material(the horse manure has already undergone preliminary fermentation),if use whear straw as raw material,the fermentation time can be as long as 28days including pre-treatment. Of course phase II fermentation is the same all around the world:first warm up the compost,then heat up for pasteurzation,next control the temperature to remove the ammonia from the compost,finally cool down the compost and seed(inoculation),This kind of compost which after spawn run can be used for different planting form. Manual mixing working not only waste time and energy,but aslo very difficult to make it standardization management. The mixing line can run continuously to ensure uniform mixing,which can save time and guarantee quality. More products:https://www.gtmhongye.com/mushroom-equipment/
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