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Function introduction of The Agricultural Gearbox

Sep. 14, 2017

Agricultural gearbox is widely used in agricultural machinery, such as rotary mower, rice harvester, grain transportation storage, tillage machines and others. In order to comply with the application, we produce different gearboxes for the machinery, including cultivator gearbox, rotary mower gearbox, rice harvester gearbox. 

The reason why the gearbox can be widely used is because its function is broad.

1.It can change the drive ratio, expand the range of drive wheel torque and speed, to accommodate changing conditions, while allowing the engine to operate in a favorable.

2.In the case of the engine rotation direction unchanged, so that the car can go backwards.

3.Use neutral to interrupt power transmission, so that the engine can start and change speed, and easy to shift gear or power output.

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