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Installation and Adjustment of Rotary Mower

Sep. 14, 2017

Rotary lawn mower is a kind of mowing equipment, because of its speed is high, so the use of special attention to safety.

This rotary lawn mower should be placed or fixed on a solid, flat foundation. The workplace should be spacious and equipped with fire protection measures. In strict accordance with the instructions specified in the matching power and speed matching motor. The power line should be not less than 6 square millimeters. Power switches, sockets, plugs and other electrical load current value should not be less than the rated current of the motor calibration. The power switch should be installed within the operator's range of activities, the general distance operator should not exceed 3 meters, and there should be no other obstacles. Try to use the pulley with the lawn mower.

Before the motor is installed and hang the belt, it will be energized for a short time, check and confirm the direction of rotation of the motor, then hang the belt, install the belt guard, feed the bucket and other accessories. Add the right amount of lubricating oil to the rotary lawn mower gearbox, bearings and other parts.


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