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Analysis and Prospect of Gear Development in China

Sep. 14, 2017

Internationally, power transmission gear device is along the direction of miniaturization, high-speed, standard. The application of special gears, the development of planetary gears, and low noise gear devices are some of the features of gear design.

In order to achieve the purpose of miniaturization of the gear device, it is possible to improve the bearing thrust of the existing involute gear. Countries generally use hardened surface technology, improve the hardness to reduce the size of the device; can also be used to represent the special gear tooth gear. With the ship's power from the medium-speed diesel engine instead of the trend, the use of high-power planetary gears on large ships is effective; Now the metallurgical, mining, cement and rolling mill and other large transmission devices, the planetary gear with its small size, good coaxiality, high efficiency and more and more applications.


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