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What Are The Principles of The Purchase of Agricultural Gearboxes?

Sep. 14, 2017

In the selection of agricultural gear type, in principle, to consider the following factors.

First, the size of the profile (weight)

If the transmission power, speed and transmission ratio is the same, you should use a different agricultural gear transmission, the size (weight) can be very different. Single-stage planetary agricultural gear transmission, due to the multi-tooth meshing transmission, so its outer dimensions reduced by 30% to 50% than the single-stage external meshing cylindrical agricultural gear transmission. 

2. environmental conditions

The agricultural gear transmission is a kind of gear transmission, even in the ideal agricultural gear manufacturing conditions, agricultural gear transmission will still show the pollution of the environment and noise. The use of high-precision cone agricultural gear drive, of course, can reduce vibration and noise, but its economy is greatly reduced.

3. the economy

Agricultural machinery gear transmission with simple structure costs must be low, such as involute cylindrical agricultural gear, right angle gearbox, ordinary cylindrical worm and so on.


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