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High Pressure Pump GPK series

1.Pump cylinder:high strength forging(stainless steel,duplex steel,and brass optional)

2.Crankcase:precsion die-casting with oxidation blackening surface

3.Connecting rod: forged by aluminum alloy,reinforced by internal bearing pad

4.Plunger:ceramic tube and surface plasma thermal ceramic thermal sparying

5.Seal:Germany orginal Parker brand,high and low pressure double water seal structure

6.One way valve:high volume efficiency,spherical sealing structure

7.Bearing:Japan orginal NSK brand

8.Crankshaft:made of high strength stainless steel

9.Installation direction:the symmetrical shaft end design allows the crankshaft to be installed in the left and right alignment

10.Inlet and outlet:symmetrical left and right,convenient for customers to choose freely


High Pressure Pump GPK seriesHigh Pressure Pump GPK seriesHigh Pressure Pump GPK series

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