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Ruffling Machine
Ruffling Machine
  • Ruffling Machine

Ruffling Machine

Ruffling Machine is used for ruffling mycelium after covering casing soil on phase II compost. It breaks the mycelium in the bottom of the casing soil and mix mycelium equably into the whole casing soil in order to shorten growing cycle, increase the usage efficiency of growing rooms. 


Parameters of Ruffling Machine 

Ruffling depthmm40-5040-50
Ruffling speedr/min200(adjustable)200(adjustable)
Moving speedm/min5(adjustable)5(adjustable)
Overall dimensionm1.4×1.45×0.281.4×1.39×0.28
Total powerkW2.22.2
Suitable for shelving widthm1.41.34

Parameters of lifting platform

Motor of hydraulic stationkW1.5
Stroke of hydraulic cylindermm1800
Lifting  heightmm3550
Lifting  speedmm/min600(adjustable by speed governing valve)
 Overall dimensionmm1200×2550×2200
Total  weightkg≈450
Suitable for shelving widthmm1400(can be customized)
Universal wheel sizemmφ150

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