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The newly developed sea water ice machine (fluid-ice) by our company is playing a better and more perfect role in the Marine fishing industry at present.

Currently marine shrimp can only use sodium metabisulfite (shrimp medicine) to solve the problem of keeping fresh, otherwise it will be black head metamorphic shrimp.

And when transporting to the wholesalers shrimp will be added with shrimp medicine again to maintain freshness.

The shrimp come to the consumer dining table only after it has been added in shrimp medicine for several times, it will cause bad effect to human body and health.

But after using fluid-ice,we can solve the problem of keep fresh by using shrimp medicine.

Consumer can eat safe and fresh seafood from vessel directly to dining-table.

It will solve food safety problems thoroughly and ensure the security of food effectively.

The use of fluid-ice in large supermarkets and hotels can save the cost of buying ice and storage.Solve transportation inconvenience.

It can keep fresh and protect environment and also save time and cost.

Sea water ice machine (fluid-ice) can be applied to isolated islands, mountainous areas and other hinterland with extremely inconvenient traffic.

It can be used for keeping fresh seafood, vegetables, fruits, etc.


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